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Post here about generalized information regarding non specific servers.
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Have something you think would improve the server? Tell us about it here!
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Server Upgrade!

[Dev] harry5573 aDeveloper posted Sep 18, 13
Hello all, were currently moving to intreppid for a new dedicated server host. Server should be up ASAP and there will be no more downtime! PS: NEVER Order From OVH.

New Host:

Our new server

suppercalaexfya what's the new ip?
wolf_boy_2001 IP? i cant find it and isnt working for me

Server online

[Dev] harry5573 aDeveloper posted Sep 14, 13
The server has been released and is now stable! Were sorry to everyone who has lost any items during this downtime. As a reward you can get a free Fortune 20 pickaxe (/kit free).

What was reset:
- Balances

How to get your free Fortune 20 pick:
- /kit free
JonStevenson i cant do/kit free
laurent923 Thanks for fixing it Harry

Rollback - Fixing Server

[Dev] harry5573 aDeveloper posted Sep 13, 13
Hello everyone, im sorry to say that we have been hacked :(. The hacker delete our opertating system and logs so we lost everything from 3 days ago. Im now working hard to reinstall and secure the server to prevent this from happening again. During this time me and serayne will be making some changes to the server.

  • New Hub (Less Laggy And More Simple)
  • Factions REVAMP (Economy Reset)
  • Network Protocol Revamp.
To say sorry for all this we will be making a /free that will give you free items when you login! 

Im sorry about this guys <3

- Harry5573 (Developer)

I really do apologize for this guys, It literally is breaking my heart to see this happen, I've put my heart and soul into the server for the last month, I've listened to the players, What they wanted. And put it into a server and tried to be a friendly person who respected players and appreciated all of you. Somebody to do something like this is just absurd, I simply couldn't quite possibly fathom why anybody would do it. Again, I'm sorry guys. I'll be rebuilding a lot of stuff I feel we missed the first time around due to balancing concerns. I'll be implementing brand new features and redoing plots since we lost it.
TL;DR:I'm sorry, I'm working tirelessly to fix this, I haven't slept in a few days. And I won't be sleeping anytime soon. To all those who have donated, DO NOT WORRY! I will restore EVERY SINGLE THING you paid for. Do not charge back, It will make it a heck of a lot harder to recover from this. Don't worry though guys, In a week it will be like this never happened.

- Serayne92 (Owner)
[Dev] harry5573 aDeveloper Nope. Ranks will stay
laurent923 Well shit... Good bye Ares?..

Server Upgrade!

[Dev] harry5573 aDeveloper posted Sep 11, 13
Hello everyone, just posting this to say were moving to a dedicated server and the files are transferring. We have custom firewalls and plugins setup along with out own java developer (me) now! Enjoy!

- Harry5573

This should be the last time any sort of downtime like this happens. The server is a 32gb ram, 2 x 120 SSD in raid 1 server, With a Intel E5-1620 8 core processor. Tons of new servers should be popping up soon! I hope you guys enjoy this just as much as I have. I appreciate all of you playing the server, And I hope theres many years left to play together! (:

- Serayne92

Update: IT'S UP!
[Owner] Serayne92 aOwner Everythings okay!
[Owner] Serayne92 aOwner It will be stable within an hour. max
Skyhighjinks Yea it sucks


[Owner] Serayne92 aOwner posted Sep 21, 13 Go to it!
JayGames04 whats the ip because ive tryed EVERYONE that i could think of! it still wont work
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